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A new law passed in Korea and Korean artists are freaking out, deleting their works and websites. I thought this law only applied for people who live in Korea, but that isn't true. If you are a Korean citizen, this applies to you as well.

bye bye south park
bye bye hatalia

I will be deleting my works as well...

copied from tumblr

This really is something that's going on in Korea right now, and a lot of artists are freaking out since, well, the way they define those drawings as punishable is really ambiguous….which is pretty fucking stupid. So the artists are deleting everything that MAY be applied to that law in order to avoid all these shenanigans. According to the law, any pornographic art(even things just with a slight nudity) that contains the following materials can be seen as punishable:

1. Any teenager/kid (well of course duh)

2. the subject is wearing a school uniform/P.E uniform(this doesn't matter how old the subject is)

3. contains a background that reminds the audience of school (WHAT)

4. the subject's facial/body features make him/her look young enough to make the audience think that s/he is a kid/teenager

(these apply to videos) 5. The video has a file name that is related to teens(for example even if the subject is actually a middle-aged woman, if the title says 15 years old yadda yadda, whoever spreads the video gets punished)

6. The subject's pubic hair hasn't grown yet (….. um)

Yeah so that's pretty much everything that I know of.. As you can see, the rules here are pretty ambiguous, which left a lot of artists confused. In fact I don't even think the majority of the people who are concerned are not even into any shota or whatever you wanna call it. So…. idk man. Apparently if you are caught drawing nsfw things that involve any of the stuff above, either you stay in a prison for less than 3 years, or you just pay approximately $20,000 or less. and in a case of videos, if you download any of the videos like that, then the law applies to you as well.

Also, IF you get punished for any of the stuff above, you can't work for any of places that are related to children/teenagers like school/kindergarten. For ten years. Just for drawing them. Or just for downloading the videos of them.

So… That's really pretty much everything that I heard of this law. If anyone can add onto this that'd be great.

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